Used Non-Treated Railroad Tie - 7"X8" Number Two

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A&K Railroad ties are the highest quality of Used Railroad Ties on the market. Our Number Two railroad ties have two good sides and two bad sides, our Number two railroad ties are not guaranteed to be straight. That said, our current inventory of 7x8 number two railroad ties are straight with only slight bows or twisting. Unlike our Number Two Railroad Ties, our Number one Railroad ties are guaranteed straight. If you would prefer, you can shop those ties here. We sort each railroad tie by hand. Sorting every railroad tie by hand allows us to be sure that the railroad tie(s) you are buying is the quality you are paying for. Our customer satisfaction is very important to us. Number two railroad ties do not come with a free refund, we do charge 25% of the cost each railroad tie for restocking and reorganizing the railroad ties.

What does untreated railroad tie mean? Railroad ties are often treated with a chemical called Creosote. This treatment helps the ties last longer and withstand harsh conditions of the environment. Creosote is known to cause cancer through constant inhaling and long exposure (10 hours a day exposed to your skin) These Green ties have not be creosote treated and are more environmentally friendly. Because of the longevity creosote treatment adds these untreated railroad ties are lighter and not as sturdy as your traditional railroad tie.


What does two good sides mean? Our railroad ties are often used underneath an active railroad. One of the two bad sides is where the rail sits on top of the railroad tie and the spikes are driven into it is the single bad side. The other is typically caused by the wear and tear of the placement of rail, sometimes the train can hop at that point breaking down a section of ties causing them to have damage on more than one side. The two bad sides of the railroad tie will have cracks no larger than ½” in diameter and no longer than 48”. The two good sides of the railroad tie will have no cracking larger than ¼” and no longer than 24 inches.

Delivery Information: We sell our ties per piece as well as bundles of 25. All deliveries will come with the purchased railroad ties bundled regardless of the quantity. Deliveries of ties are a flat rate cost; 50 railroad ties are delivered at the same cost as one railroad tie. We do deliver any quantity ordered. Cost of delivery varies on distance, maximum delivery is 100 miles A&K Railroad Materials. 

All sizes of railroad ties are great for any application: Railroad ties are great for many applications; retaining walls, garden bed, flower bed, horse stall, or wherever your imagination takes you. When using railroad ties for a garden bed please reference our blog post calling the necessary precautions. These precautions are related to the treatment of our ties using creosote.