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Railroad Ties in-stock for the Summer!

Shipping & Returns

Return Policy: 

Our return policy keeps both you the customer and our company in mind. We accept returns as long as you have a physical receipt in hand. We do not accept returns if you wish to email a copy or only have a credit card receipt. Both Receipts issued to you at the Yard Office are required for a receipt. 



If you have purchased a tie that you believe is a lower grade than what you paid for come in and we will gladly give you a better as long as you have a receipt and we verify the quality of the railroad tie. 



We ship up to 50 ties per truck load. Our standard rate in the salt lake valley is $75 if you are further south than Draper or Further North than your shipping cost will be more per load. Rates are automatic at check out. We do ship by the semi based on quantity. Please call for more details. 


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