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A&K Railroad ties are the highest quality of Used Railroad Ties on the market. Our #1 railroad ties have 3 good sides, #2 railroad ties have 2 good sides and #3 railroad ties have 1 good side. Railroad Ties are for the most part, straight, but an occasional slight twist is also acceptable in each grade. 

We sell our railroad ties bundled in bundles of 25 pieces, but you can request any number, regardless.  We can deliver up to 40 pcs on our small dump truck locally if needed, for a fee.  If you need more than 40 ties instead of purchasing add to a quote and we will get you a delivery estimate. 

There are 3 sizes of railroad ties made, 6X8, 7X8, and 7X9. Availability of sizes vary based on demand. The Majority of our railroad ties are 8’ lengths that range from 75 to 130 pounds each. Our longer ties weigh more given the additional length. 

All sizes of railroad ties are great for any application:  They can be used for retaining walls, garden beds, flower beds, fence posts, livestock stalls, or wherever your imagination takes you.   When using ties for a garden bed, please reference our blog post calling out the necessary precautions, related to the use of creosote, the treatment used in railroad ties to help prevent tie rot.  

If you would like to receive a quote before purchasing simply add the product to quote and we will get you pricing and if requested, a delivery quote back that same day. 

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