Used Railroad Tie - 7"X9"X8' #1 - Salt Lake

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A&K Railroad ties are the highest quality of Used Railroad Ties on the market. We guarantee our Number One Railroad Ties to be straight and have at least three good sides. Our guarantee on our railroad ties help you feel more comfortable when buying in bulk. We sort each railroad tie by hand but if for some reason you purchase a number one used railroad tie that is even slightly twisted, has larger cracks, or more than one bad side, you can bring that railroad tie back to our yard and exchange or return the railroad tie - free of charge. Our Number One Used Railroad Tie is our best seller for many reasons. You should expect these railroad ties to not only look great but last up to 30 years, have square edges – perfect for building, and not have cracks larger than ¼” in diameter and no longer than 24 inches.

What does three good sides mean? Our railroad ties are often used underneath an active railroad. The single bad side is where the rail sits on top of the railroad tie and the spikes are driven into the railroad tie. All other sides are in great condition and checked by hand when sorted for quality.

When choosing a railroad tie, which size is best for what I need? Our railroad ties come in 3 different dimensions, 7x9, 7x8, 6x8. This means: 7-inch height and 9-inch width. We have many different lengths. When purchasing railroad ties many considerations come into play, our 7x9 number one railroad ties weigh 220 pounds, our 7x8 railroad ties weigh 180 pounds and our 6x8 railroad ties weigh 120-150 pounds each. This weight plays a factor especially when you have only yourself to carry or drag these railroad ties. That said, we do offer rental of tools that make carrying your railroad ties as easy as possible for you. Customers that purchase our 7x8 railroad ties often report they chose the 7x8 because they wished for a railroad tie more square and not as heavy as our 7x9 railroad ties. For longevity, and sturdiness our 7x9 railroad ties are the strongest and will last the longest, our 7x8’s come next, then the 6x8’s.

All sizes of railroad ties are great for any application: Railroad ties can be used for retaining walls, garden bed, flower bed, horse stall, or wherever your imagination takes you. When using railroad ties for a garden bed please reference our blog post calling the necessary precautions. These precautions are related to the treatment of our ties using creosote.

This product has no warranty. We do guarantee our Number one Railroad ties to be straight upon purchase if the railroad tie is bent or twisted you may return the ties or exchange free of charge. This is negated after 30 days.

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